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This DCC Capstone project is a time management platform built on the existing Facebook Messenger platform which will simplify the life of a student by managing homework, projects, quizzes and exams, intelligently categorizing the daily workload of a student and advising students to budget time where it may not be obvious given upcoming build-ups of work from uncoordinated professors. This collected data will also be used to inform researchers on trends among student study habits, and send warnings to instructors who may want to reschedule exams or projects where high levels of other coursework may be preventing a student from properly putting time into their education.

Use it Live

Click on that 'chat now' button at the top of this page. Start a conversation with him! Visit him on Facebook to see more progress on how he was built, and what he can do.

Capstone Reactions

The DCC Capstone fair came and went. Some memorable quotes from the event:

“The setup was really cool”

- Maury Izzett

“He came out really cute”

- Astha Singhal

“I need to take a picture of this...
so I can use this next year”

- Jessica Morris

“Nice work”

- Professor Golub

“It all looks very
nice and professional”

- Tom Zong

“Hey Batman
What can I do for you?”

- Esay Chatbot

About the Creator

My name is Sam Holmberg, a second year student at the University of Maryland, College Park studying computer science with an upper level concentration in art. I am part of the Design Cultures and Creativity Honors College. I made this to help students and peers manage their classes and homework at my university. I believe in creatively providing a solution to problems in ways that aren't intuitive and have not been done before. For this reason, I made Esay as my Capstone project which combines the fields of Education, Productivity, and Linguistics with my major: Computer Science.